The Premiere Bagpiper of New Hampshire

The Great Highland Bagpipe is an instrument of passion that has produced heartfelt emotions for thousands of years. Its haunting echo fills the air and moves all who hear it; calling some to dance, some to cry and some to go to war.

The instrument is not limited to one specific function though. Whether you are celebrating a wedding, mourning at a funeral, or looking for entertainment at a party, Elliot Smith is the bagpiper for you.  One of the top-ranked professional bagpipers in the United States, Elliot has been playing internationally for over twelve years.   From weddings to funerals, sports tournaments to political benefits, private parties to concert recitals, he has done it all.

On this website learn how to best utilize a bagpiper for your unique function.  Use Elliot’s musical talent and outgoing personality to make your occasion more memorable to your friends, marketable to your customers and patrons, or set the tone for your special day.


Elliot Smith Bagpiper
Elliot Smith Bagpiper

Elliot Smith Bagpiper
Elliot Smith Bagpiper


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Elliot performs with the celtic music group, The Rouges. See where he is touring next!

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From his first memory of hearing the pipes to the numerous accomplishments he has achieved through out the years.

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